diabolic, diabolical
Diabolic is used primarily with direct reference to the devil (as in Byron's Satan…merely bent his diabolic brow an instant, 1822), whereas diabolical is used overwhelmingly in its extended meanings ‘bad, disgraceful, awful’, describing such things as the weather, road traffic, the performance of a football team, communications, and ‘liberties’:

• Asked our postman about communications between Tunisia and England. He said they were ‘diabolical’ —S. Townsend, 1982

• Then, all of sudden, the gendarmes burst in and nabbed the first two blokes they saw who looked like English toffs, which was a diabolical liberty —Daily Telegraph, 2004.

However, diabolical is sometimes used in the original ‘devilish’ sense, especially when the rhythm of the sentence is improved by it

• (demonology, the study of devilish phenomena in general and the crime of diabolical witchcraft in particular —Canadian Journal of History, 2001).

Modern English usage. 2014.


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